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Flanged Joints

Gaskets for Flanges

Non-asbestos, semi-metallic, and metallic gaskets for flanges to ASME B16.20 and ASME B16.21 (soft FF/RF, spiral wound, Kammprofile, jacketed, ring joint style R/RX/BX).

We supply gaskets for flanges ex-stock or ex-mill for ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47 A-B, and API 6A flanges:

  • Size range (soft and semi-metallic gaskets): ½”-24″, rating #150-2500
  • Soft Gaskets (Non-Asbestos): flat face (FF) and RF (raised face) gaskets in non-asbestos materials (NBR, Aramid, etc) to ASME B16.21, BS 3293, and EN 1514
  • Semi-metallic gaskets to ASME B16.20 and EN 1514
    • Spiral wound gaskets
    • Kammprofile
    • Jacketed
  • Metallic gaskets: Ring joint gaskets style R (oval, octagonal), RX, and BX to ASME B16.20
  • Flange insulation kits for cathodic protection for ASME flanges, type D (RTJ flanges), E (FF flanges), F (RF flanges)


PDF ICONGaskets for Flanges ASME


  • Tags

    ASME B16.20, ASME B16.21, gaskets for flanges, jacketed gasket, kammprofile gasket, non asbestos gasket, ring joint gasket, spiral wound gasket

  • Sizes:

    ½" to 48" - Any pressure rating

  • Materials:

    Non-asbestos fibers, semi-metallic, metallic (CS, AS, SS, Nickel-alloys)

  • Origins:

    Italy, UK

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Gaskets for flanges

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